Forever Foundation Chairman, Mr Peter Hudson

Forever Foundation Chairman, Mr Peter Hudson

Chairman’s announcement August 27, 2019

To our RWB Members

I am writing to bring you up to date with the announcement the Forever Foundation made in conjunction with the Club at the recent RWB Winter Drinks Party held on August 1st.

As we celebrate the Forever Foundation’s 20th year anniversary and service to the Club, including the establishment and growth of the RWB Network, the Directors have agreed with the Club that it is timely the Foundation’s work be auspiced under the Club’s management.

After many discussions with the Club over some time now, the Foundation Directors have agreed to transfer the Foundation and its’ activities into a newly established Foundation that the Club will manage.

Simply put, the new path forward is to bring the Foundation and its operations under the umbrella of the Club.  The new Foundation will be supported and resourced with the Club’s dedicated staff.  This will consolidate and build upon the outstanding achievements and great work being done.  This will enable our fundraising and philanthropic activities to be taken to the next level.

We are very pleased the new entity established by the Club will retain our wonderful name ‘The Western Bulldogs Forever Foundation’. 

This new structure will have the appropriate DGR and charitable status with the related tax-deductible designation to match.  This will streamline the work of the Foundation and these changes are aligned with the Club’s new direction in philanthropy.

The outgoing Foundation Board fully supports this development to nurture the RWB network and the long-term ethos of connection with our great Club.  All of this is designed to enshrine the Club’s future in the west of Melbourne.

We as a Board unanimously believe that this is a positive move and puts in place the best possible structure for the Club to work with those who wish to support it, in whatever way into the future… as our name suggests “Forever”.

Two current Foundation Board members will be invited to join the Board of the ‘new’ Forever Foundation.

RWB will continue as a network of business like-minded people who value fellowship and friendship around the excitement of the Western Bulldogs.

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of the Foundation over the past 20 years.  In particular, the funding and production of the ‘Historic Players Register’ books that capture the history and essence of our Club and the pivotal role that the Foundation played in raising and assisting to secure the necessary funds, to redevelop the Whitten Oval and its facilities to the standard that we and our Club enjoy today.

I would like to acknowledge my fellow Foundation Directors for their tireless efforts - Ray Baxter, Joan Hale, Peter Chau, Cam Rose, Rebecca Nicholson and Charlotte Hayes. I wish to thank Cam in particular for spearheading the establishment of the RWB Network.

The Foundation was established at the request of past Club President David Smorgon.  Much appreciation goes to our visionary founding members who signed the original constitution in 1999 along with myself – John Schultz, Susan Alberti and Bill Scales, plus past Directors for their work - Pas Garofalo, Eric Barr, Rachel Murphy, Rachel Peirce, Mike Allen, Robert Caulfield and Maria D’Agostino.

As the inaugural Chair of the Forever Foundation, I hope you will continue to support the RWB network and the ‘new’ Forever Foundation into the future as it continues to bring together kindred spirits to celebrate the strength of the Red White and Blue - what it means to us as individuals and to the Western Region of Melbourne.

On field performance is important, however a Club is only as strong as the people who support it.  Thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

Go the Dogs for the 2019 Finals campaign!

Yours faithfully

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Mr Peter Hudson

Forever Foundation Chairman