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What is the Forever Foundation?

We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 to support the Western Bulldogs Football Club (WBFC - the Club).

The essence of the Foundation is captured in our motto:

Western Bulldogs. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever

Our sole purpose is to support the mighty and great Red White and Blue (the Club) into the future.

We have the long term interests of the Club at heart. All of our efforts and initiatives are directed towards this objective.

We are governed by an independent Board of Directors, all of whom have had a long term and strong affiliation with the Club.

The Foundation, although independent of the Club, maintains a close affiliation and strong ties with the Club.

The Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (Sports Foundation) so that eligible donations may be tax deductible for the donor.

We have run many successful initiatives, the most high profile being the Whitten Oval redevelopment capital campaign. We also run a number of recognition and thank you functions to show genuine appreciation to those individuals who have supported the Club in its journey.

The most recent initiative of the Foundation has been the establishment of RWB in March 2017 – RED WHITE BLUE

What do we do?

For almost 20 years the Forever Foundation has been supporting the Western Bulldogs Football Club build a culture of success.

Over this period, we have raised close to $10 million in various campaigns and initiatives.

The most high profile and significant of these was the Whitten Oval Redevelopment Capital Campaign - where over $6 million was raised to revitalise the aging, decrepit and no longer fit for purpose facilities at Barkly Street.

This campaign spearheaded contributions from Federal, State and local Governments to raise some $32.5 Million to create a Community Hub and rebuild the elite playing facilities at the Whitten Oval.

Barkly Street has been transformed into a 'vibrant community and sporting hub' boasting a child care centre, a Club retail outlet, elite training facilities for players, conference and meeting rooms, home of the Western Regional Football League (WRFL), home of Victoria University teaching faciliites, home of the Juvinile Diabeties Research Foundation Victoria (JDRF Victoria), Barkers Cafe, the Bulldogs Museum, and the Victoria University Club Community Sports Hall.

This redevelopment repositioned the Bulldogs to be successful in the highly competitive landscape of the elite AFL competition and was pivitol to the Club's achievement in winning the Premiership Cup in 2016 - the Club's second only Premiership in 64 years, a milestone year in the Club’s long history.

In line with our motto Today. Tomorrow. Forever... In 2017 the Foundation established RWB (Red White Blue).

This is a business network intending to nurture and develop future talent and resources on which the Club can draw.

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What is RWB?

RWB is an establishing network of like-minded people, who value fellowship and friendship around the excitement of the Western Bulldogs, recognising the energy and impact it can have on the western community of Melbourne. 

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