RWB Growing Momentum

The younger members we recruit today will become the leaders of tomorrow. They have the opportunity to play an important part in the Bulldogs future.

Fellow Founding Member Mr Kee Wong, Managing Director of e-Centric Innovations, hosted the first of our younger member dinners.

Seventeen members enjoyed a fine meal at the RACV Private dining room whilst holding a robust discussion about the purposes and goals of RWB. Members enthusiastically acknowledged that the RWB network had great potential to add value to the Western Bulldogs and the community of the west.

RWB is a great initiative. It will thrive if we have the unwavering commitment to recruit those who will follow us
— Kee Wong, Managing Director, e-Centric Innovations
I look forward to being part of RWB, bringing the collective vision to fruition to add value to the Western Bulldogs and society in general
— Andrew Westacott, Chief Executive, Australian Grand Prix
It was a great thrill to meet fellow RWB members in such a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Hearing our respective stories was a real highlight
— Edward Kemp, Partner, Evans & Partners