RWB Interviews Carly Waters, New Founding Member

Journalism student and passionate Bulldogs supporter, Carly Waters spoke with us about her experience of the RWB network.

Invited to our May 9 drinks party by Founding Member Jenny Leaper, Carly enjoyed champagne, canapes and animated conversation with the RWB women in attendance.

Experienced leader and business woman Sally Capp spoke to us about successful networking, whilst Susan Alberti AC highlighted the real opportunity in this quality network.


How did you hear about RWB?

“My Aunt Jenny Leaper spoke highly of the initative and encouraged me to join RWB. I was nervous going to the drinks party & doubted myself… I wondered what I could possibly contribute to an esteemed group of successful women? I was embarrassed that my own career and goals were only being realised at the pointy end of my 20’s”

What was your first impression?

“The positive energy in the room hit me immediately. Everyone was warm, intelligent… exactly the kind of people, the kind of conversation I had been craving, but had no idea where to get it.

What excited you about the RWB network?

“Motivation and ambition are in my view, fantastic and very important qualities, and they resonated in every woman in that room”

What networking advice did you learn from Sally Capp, the key note speaker?

“Sally Capp talked about risks and how important it is to take them in your career. The concept of risk is a daunting one, especially when you’re just starting to find your way!

One of Sally’s most powerful messages to women was to ask for what you want. It sounds simple, and what Sally communicated with such conviction was that it really is that simple! I was inspired to think more clearly about my own short and long term goals - to stop ‘expecting’ and begin ‘asking’ for what I want. In relation to developing a supportive network, Sally spoke of the power of helping others, whether personally or professionally. To help another is in itself empowering. My ability to ‘help’ is not yet fully realised but in sharing my early experiences at RWB, I hope to encourage others to be a part of RWB too.”

Your highlights from the event?

“Susan Alberti has been an inspiration for years, so hearing her speak in an intimate setting was a huge privilege. Susan’s passion for RWB and for women empowering themselves and each other was inspiring.”

Congratulations on becoming an RWB Founding Member.

“Exposure to intelligent, successful and enthusiastic women (and men) is so incredibly motivating!

RWB have so many members to be proud of, and I am extremely humbled and grateful to be a part of it.”

Thanks Carly!

Exposure to intelligent, successful and enthusiastic women is incredibly motivating. RWB has so many inspiring members… I am grateful to be a part of it
— Carly Waters