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Red White Blue - known as RWB - is a member only initiative of the Directors of the Western Bulldogs Forever Foundation.

RWB is an established ‘network of networks’ of business like-minded people, who value fellowship and friendship around the excitement of the Western Bulldogs.

RWB recognises the energy and impact it can have on the western community of Melbourne.

RWB intends to be a nursery for the future development of the Forever Foundation, the Football Club, and possibly other initiatives that may emanate from the Forever Foundation’s work.

The activities of RWB embrace all age groups and genders. To be friendly, good fun and in the main light hearted - where people can bond, share companionship and stories.

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What RWB is about

We are a members only business group of people who subscribe to the values of the “Never Say Die” attitude, from the Latin motto ‘Cede Nullis’ – yield to none

We’re not about meeting football players - we’re about meeting captains of industry

We’re not about getting player’s autographs - we’re about exchanging business cards

If you want to ‘smell the liniment’, you’ll need to go to the footy!

We’re about developing a menagerie/nursery of business talent, leaders of the city and future leaders of the Football Club


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